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Make the ordinary extraordinary

We're not satisfied with the ordinary and you shouldn't be either. Mokaya transforms your chocolate cake, cookie, or even fruit dessert recipe into a tour de force.

For baking, dark chocolate is optimum. Substitute a Mokaya Single Origin bar for baking chips or cocoa to create a true luxury chocolate dessert.

You can also melt and drizzle this luxury chocolate over a dessert or plate to add a touch of richness and distinction. Criss-cross, dot a plate or even create lettering if you're handy enough!


Mokaya's best when used relatively soon after purchase. If you wish to keep on hand, store in a cool, dark place. Never refrigerate.


  1. Double boiler: Use a candy thermometer. Keep dark chocolate between 100°F to just under 120°F and white or milk chocolate at no more than 110°F. Ensure that steam/water does not get into the chocolate. Don't ever use burnt chocolate in recipes as it will become bitter. If you scorch the chocolate, start over.
  2. Microwave: Melt chocolate in intervals. Zap for 1 minute, stir. Continue microwaving in 30-second to 1-minute intervals, depending on the amount. Stir after each step until it has fully melted.

Substitute Mokaya for your ordinary cocoa powder or chocolate chips. You'll surprise yourself, even when preparing one of your old standbys.

  1. Measure: Break Mokaya into ten pieces. Each is an ounce.
  2. Substitute for baking chocolate: Use 1 ounce of Mokaya for every ounce of baking chocolate required in the recipe. This is a 1:1 substitution. Decrease the amount of sugar in the recipe you are using to account for the added sweetness in Mokaya. For every 1 ounce of Mokaya, remove 1 tablespoon of sugar from the recipe.
  3. Substitute for chocolate chips: Use 1 ounce of Mokaya for every ounce of baking chocolate required in the recipe.

Dipping is one of the easiest ways to create a fun or exotic plate at a party. Experiment. Try new combinations. We offer a few suggestions:

  1. Fruits: Bananas, strawberries, citrus fruits, mangoes, pineapples and on and on. Almost any fruit is better with chocolate. For sour fruits go with a Mokaya Premium milk chocolate. For sweeter fruits, Mokaya Single Origin Ghana makes a superb pairing.
  2. Cakes: Use your judgment. If you are dipping chocolate cake, go with a very light dip of our dark chocolate, Mokaya Single Origin Madagascar. For pound and angel food cakes or any other white cake, use your imagination. The possibilities are endless with our Premium fruit and nut blends.
  3. Cookies: Again, use your judgment. Dip Oreo cookies, shortbread coconut macaroons.
  4. The unexpected: Marshmallows, popcorn, some tasters even like salty pretzels dipped in milk chocolate! Take a chance and dip one

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