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Real chocolate: a full sensory experience

Chocolate delivers a powerful punch when it comes to your senses, and your taste buds aren't the only recipients of this thrilling.

Sight: Luxury chocolate is shiny and blemish-free. It has a uniform colour to it, and an inviting sheen. (Bad chocolate's pocks and streaks may indicate exposure to heat or moisture. Chocolate that's too old will have a hazy finish.)

Taste: When you eat real chocolate your taste buds burst with its bitter, sweet, salty, and sour notes, while they're soothed and seduced by its creamy-smooth texture. Good chocolate melts at 97 degrees; so take a bite and let it melt in your mouth.

Sound: Break the square of chocolate in half. If it pleasantly snaps, the chocolate is well tempered, and has a high percentage of cocoa.

Smell: Melt chocolate or grate it over your favor dessert to release its abundance of aromas ranging from earthy, smoky, nutty or honey or milk-like.

Feel: Chocolate should feel smooth and melt quickly. Bad chocolate can leave a sticky, chalky or gritty residue.

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