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Because truly good chocolate isn't made, it's discovered.

Most chocolate blends are made with inferior fruits and nuts. Sugar-loaded chocolate – if you can call it that – covers up low-grade bits and pieces, often leftovers of the crop. At Mokaya, we know, there's something more out there.

We've sourced the world's best harvests to bring you superior fruits and nuts of unmatched quality. Our pure, wholesome ingredients make each Mokaya bar a new taste experience.

GET UP, GET GOINGEnergising Coffee
This dynamic duo of flavors packs a punch of zesty flavor. Super power right your day with this blend of the flavors culled from the planet's most beloved beans – cacao and cocoa.
IT'S A NUTTY WORLDRoasted Almonds
Life is nutty but we like it that way. We also like our premium, roasted almonds which make this bar crazy good. Crunchy and delectable, they're drenched in creamy, milk chocolate.
NUTS ABOUT YOUExotic Hazelnuts
This bar of roasted, aromatic, hazelnut and milk chocolate delivers a combination that is sure to win your undying allegiance.
GO MAN GOYummy Mango
This chocolate bar is sure to go man go. Ripe, tropical fruits and creamy milk chocolate make it – disappear – and fast.
BRIGHT & SUNNYTangy Orange
At Mokaya, we believe in optimism. With its tart and sweet orange, and creamy milk chocolate, our Bright & Sunny makes each day an opportunity for the new.
JUST PEACHYLuscious Peaches
Don't underestimate the innocent peach. Smooth and delectable it holds its own with our premium milk chocolate.
BERRY BERRY GOODTasty Strawberry
Bursting with ripe strawberry, this milk chocolate bar is classic, cheerful and delicious. It's got a name and taste that will make you smile. Berry Berry Good!
NAUGHTY & NICETingling Mint
Cool and creamy, soothing and yet invigorating, tingling mint is paired with a luscious milk chocolate. It will make you want to seize the day.
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