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From bean to bar, manufacturing chocolate is complex and fascinating. Farmers, importers, processers and chocolatiers (those trained in the art of creating fine chocolate), all work together in a process that spans continents and a vast range of expertise.

The work is hard, exacting – if you want a superior luxury chocolate – and rigorous, but we hear at Mokaya wouldn't have it any other way.

We love being Malaysia's only fine chocolate producer. It's our dream come true! Let us share a little bit with you about what goes into each bar of Mokaya:

How we make Mokaya
  1. Find the world’s most extraordinary beans – no matter where that takes you.
  2. Harvest cocoa beans from the fertile, rich ground.
  3. Remove extraneous material. Use only the most precious part of the bean.
  4. Roast the bean, depending on what you need out of it. (In this case, temperature, time and degree of moisture dials are set to “exceptional.”)
  5. Winnow, which means – remove the shells so you have just the cocoa nibs.
  6. Alkalise – make magic to develop flavour and colour.
  7. Mill to create cocoa liquor (cocoa particles in cocoa butter.) Set dial to “unmatched.”
  8. Muse. Think. Create. Determine which beans go best together and in what proportions so you have only the best luxury chocolate.
  9. Add high grade sugar, milk, emulsifying agents and cocoa butter in the precise proportions required for unparalleled quality.
  10. Refine, roll, refine. Put the chocolate through rollers until it is silky smooth.
  11. Conch, that is kneed or smooth. Speed, duration and temperature impact flavours. Set dials to “like no other.”
  12. Temper until perfect. Heat, cool and reheat.
  13. Taste, grin ear to ear. If mixture does not achieve ear to ear grin, then start process all over again.
  14. Pour into moulds and cool.
  15. Wrap in appropriate superhero labeling.
  16. Distribute throughout Malaysia, and to you, with pure joy.

We invest our hearts, creativity and true love for real chocolate into each bar of Mokaya.

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