We were fed up. We were fed up with the brown, artificial bars we found in the supermarkets that called themselves chocolate. We read the ingredient lists and our eyes glazed. Our heads and stomachs felt worse as we thought about what we had just eaten.

It was time to take a stand against bad chocolate.

At Mokaya, we believe that you, like us, want to transcend mundane, processed imitations. We believe that you, like us, will find real chocolate to be an exciting art and (taste) sensation. And we believe that once you taste a Mokaya, you, like us, will never go back to those plastic-tasting, waxy brown bars again.

At Mokaya, we use higher levels of the world's most precious cocoa in our bars. That means our bars deliver a much more intense and complex taste experience. Our chocolate is uniquely crafted through a rigorous process that ensures a chocolate unparalleled in Malaysia.

Most of all, though, we invest our hearts, creativity and true love for real chocolate and we hope you agree, that a Mokaya bar is more than a candy bar, it's an experience.